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    Ways to participate in our virtual walk Donate/Join/Fundraise Since the Walk is now virtual, registration is optional. You can turn your registration fee into a donation, join/create a team or become a fundraiser. Team Set Up Once you create a team, you'll get an email for page set up. We also have step-by-step instructions here to personalize your page. Sponsor Info Your company sponsorship heightens the visibility of your commitment to social responsibility. The return on investment benefits us all. Vendor/Exhibitor This year we're offering two vendor experiences: Both provide virtual promotion, one also offers limited sponsor benefits. Legacy Warriors Are you a sickle cell warrior who's 40 or older? We invite you to join our Legacy Salute! Sign up here by 9/5 to be included. The COVID-19 pandemic will keep us from walking together, but the reasons we walk are still present every day in every individual living with sickle cell. We still need your help to meet the needs of our community. How Our Virtual Walk Works “Join where you are and move how you choose” is the theme of this year’s Sickle Cell Matters Virtual Walk. This means you can participate from anywhere – home, a favorite landmark, nearby park, or your . (Hint!) Everyone who registers, donates, or starts a team will receive a pedometer, but you’re not limited to walking. Change it up! Transfer the 30-40 minutes you would have used to walk with our group to a session of Zumba, yoga, golf, dancing or yes, walking. local drop-off election ballot box ​ ​ We encourage you to start on Sept. 14 to help us promote the event. Post photos or videos of your activity to your social media accounts using #SickleCellMattersWalkMI #SickleCellLivesMatter #SickleCellMichigan. Have fun with it – show off your steps, shout out your team, team members, and the warrior you’re participating for. Then on Saturday, Sept. 19, join us on Facebook @sicklecellmichigan for the online celebration beginning at 10 a.m. Right click to download, save and share this graphic! Contests & Prizes Right click to download, save and share this graphic! ​Everyone who supports our 2020 Sickle Cell Matters Virtual Walk by registering, donating, fundraising, or starting a team by 9/5 will receive a pedometer as a thank you and reminder that fitness – movement – is important for all of us every day. Everyone who signs up as a fundraiser or creates a team by 9/5 will also be entered into a giveaway for a $100 gift card. We’ll recognize the two teams that raise the most money by Sept. 12. Team captain of the top team receives a $100 gift card. The second place team captain will receive a $50 gift card. The team captain with the most walkers as of Sept. 12 will receive a $100 gift card. We’re expanding our annual T-Shirt Contest to include posters this year. Create a design supporting #SickleCellLivesMatter. Show your poster or wear your T-Shirt in your virtual walk photos and videos. in the contest by Sept. 5 for a chance to win a $100 gift card. Winners will be announced on Sept. 19. Enter your T-Shirt and poster designs (You must be registered for the walk, donate, or be signed up as a fundraiser or team captain to be eligible for entry.) Tribute to Fallen Warriors We offer our heartfelt condolences to all the friends, families and loved ones of individuals with sickle cell who’ve passed away over the years. This year, again, we’ll pay tribute to the lives of those we've lost here in Michigan. To include your loved one in our tribute, please send the following to no later than Sept. 5: Name of the individual who passed away, dates of birth and death, and a photo. Right click to download, save and share this graphic! Salute to Legacy Warriors Right click to download, save and share this graphic! We’re inviting all individuals with sickle cell aged 40 and older to join our 2020 salute. Consider this an extra birthday celebration! The honors are open to all warriors, no matter where you live. and send a photo of yourself to with the subject line “Legacy Warrior.” Be sure to include your name in the email. Sign up here #WarriorsWipeItDownChallenge We’re inviting all sickle cell warriors to join in a special #WipeItDown challenge for our virtual walk. Post to your social media using any of the day’s hashtags: #SickleCellMattersWalkMI #SickleCellLivesMatter #WarriorsWipeItDown Right click to download, save and share this graphic! #SickleSlide ​ ​​ ​ Calling the hustle crowd! Take on the to raise consciousness around sickle cell in a fun and active way. Post your video and tag us @sicklecellmichigan. Be sure to post a fact or two about your life with sickle cell and use #SickleSlide and #SickleCellMattersWalkMI. You could be featured in our Walk day celebration! Sickle Slide Check our frequently to see how your campaign is doing and what the competition is up to. leaderboard For additional information, please contact the following SCDAA-MI staff for specific assistance or call (313) 864-4406: Registration, team setup or technical issues - email Kristal Johnson Sponsorships - email Stefanie Worth Vendor Information - email Tracie Conic

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    OUR PARTNERS ​ SCDAA Member Organization As a Member Organization of Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, we are positioned to work with other local organizations and with the National office to execute events, fundraisers, programs, and projects. For more information about our national agency, click here (insert logo and link to website). Our achievements are possible because of the continued commitment of our dedicated staff, Board of Directors, and other volunteers. We also wish to acknowledge the financial support from the state of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Federal Health Resource [i]and Services Administration (HRSA), City of Detroit- Planning & Development Department and the many agencies, organizations and individuals which have enabled us to provide free services for our clients. The Cynthia Coles Circle of Friendship Baptist Church has been a steadfast supporter of our organization as well as Community Health Charities. We could not have met the challenges presented by sickle cell conditions without the assistance we have received from the total community. We are deeply grateful for your generous support over the years and we intend to continue to be worthy of it. Our promise is to continue delivering dedicated comprehensive services, with true compassion. ​ CALL TO ACTION ​ If you would like to join us in improving the lives of individuals living with sickle cell disease, please take a moment to send a tax deductible contribution. Thank you!

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    An archive of news and media from SCDAA-MI news archive World Sickle Cell Day On Wednesday, June 19, GBT hosted guest speaker Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney, the CEO and Medical Director of the Michigan chapter of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), as part of its World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD) activities. As part of GBT's support, employees were encouraged to wear their “Hope” T-shirts provided by GBT and designed by artist and SCD activist, Hertz Nazaire. Blood Drive Pictured Michelle Huckaby, SCDAAMI Community Health Worker, Kristal Cobb, SCDAAMI Administrative Assistant, Heather and Tracey Moorehead, Board Members, Anastasia Worthy, SCDAAMI Youth Ambassador and Kym Worthy, SCDAAMI Board Chair. Myths about Sickle Cell ​ Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney, CEO and Medical Director of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America – Michigan Chapter and former SCDAA-MI board member Amyre Makupson discuss myths surrounding sickle cell and facts of the disease .

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    our services For more information: Detroit Main Line: (313) 864-4406 Children's Hospital SC Clinic: (313) 745-5613 Sickle Cell Trait Counseling: (313) 595-0280 School/Job Assistance: (313) 595-0541 Email ​ Contact our nearest satellite office: Adult Clinic Caseworker at DMC: (313) 864-4406 Benton Harbor/Kalamazoo Area: (313) 505-4081 Grand Rapids/Muskegon Area: (616) 788-9816 Jackson/Lansing Area: (800) 842-0973 Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 372-0256 SCDAA-MI provides a range of services to individuals with sickle cell and their families. This includes counseling, support groups, referrals for financial and medical help, college and employment assistance, sending children to summer camp each year. The agency also coordinates newborn screening for all babies born in Michigan. WHAT WE DO HERE TO HELP Services We Provide Do you have medical insurance, primary care, a hematologist? Do you need accommodations at school/work? Let us help you manage your life with sickle cell. Read More PARTNER RESOURCES Community Connections We've compiled a handy list of helpful partner resources you can use to help meet basic and emergency needs for yourself and/or your family. Read More CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 What You Should Know Individuals with sickle cell run a higher risk of complications if they contract COVID-19. Get SCD-specific info and guidelines to help stay safe. Read More

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    photo galleries 2019 event gallery 2018 Photo Gallery 2020 Photo Gallery Awareness Campaign Launch Celebrating 43 Years of Helping to Break the Sickle Cycle! The Cynthia Coles Circle 2019 Annual Sickle Cell Benefit Luncheon Saturday, May 18,2019 Guest Speaker Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist III Celebrating World Sickle Cell Day June 19, 2019 Thank you to all of our supporters! The Sickle Strong Empowerment Circle presents its 1st Annual Balloon Release June 19, 2019 World Sickle Cell Day Belle Isle Park Detroit, Michigan

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    sickle cell treatments While there is no universal cure for sickle cell disease (yet), there are several therapeutic approaches to relieve symptoms, reduce complications, and extend life. Early treatment (by eight weeks) by a hematologist is critical for newborns. Beginning a course of prophylactic penicillin at age two months was a historic intervention in changing the course of childhood sickle cell survival. View our Feb. 29th Treatment Workshop where we discussed all the current treatments available to cure sickle cell. CLICK TO PLAY ON FACEBOOK Part 1 with Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney (44 mins) CLICK TO PLAY ON FACEBOOK Part 2 with Dr. Ahmar Zaidi (58 mins) The only cure for sickle cell disease is a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Most sickle cell disease transplants are currently performed in children who have had complications such as strokes, acute chest crises, and recurring pain crises. These transplants usually use a matched donor. Blood and bone marrow transplants are riskier in adults. Read more ​ Medicines can reduce or alleviate symptoms and complications and prolong life. Penicillin In children who have sickle cell disease, taking penicillin two times a day has been shown to reduce the chance of having a severe infection caused by the pneumococcus bacteria. Newborns need to take liquid penicillin. Older children can take tablets. ​ Many doctors will stop prescribing penicillin after a child has reached the age of 5. Some prefer to continue this antibiotic throughout life, particularly if a person has hemoglobin SS or hemoglobin Sβ0 thalassemia, since people who have sickle cell disease are still at risk. All people who have had surgical removal of the spleen, called a splenectomy, or a past infection with pneumococcus should keep taking penicillin throughout life. Hydroxyurea Hydroxyurea is an oral medicine that has been shown to reduce or prevent several sickle cell disease complications. This medicine was studied in patients who have sickle cell disease, because it was known to increase the amount of fetal hemoglobin (hemoglobin F) in the blood. Increased hemoglobin F provides some protection against the effects of hemoglobin S. ​ Watch Dr. Shurney’s animated video about Hydroxyurea and how it works Endari Approved by the FDA for sickle cell use in 2017, Endari is an oral L-glutamine therapy for sickle cell disease and sickle cell thalassemia that reduces the acute complications of sickle cell disease in adults and children 5 years and older. It works by increasing the amount of glutamine in the blood. The added glutamine is taken up by the defective sickle cells, and when metabolized (broken down) results in the release of antioxidants.Common side effects include constipation, nausea, headache, abdominal pain, cough, pain in the extremities, back pain and chest pain. Patient web site Endari co-pay assistance Adakveo In 2019, the FDA also approved a new medicine to reduce the number of pain crises experienced by adults and children 16 years and older who have sickle cell disease. The medicine, which is given through an IV in the vein, helps prevent blood cells from sticking to blood vessel walls and causing blood flow blockage, inflammation, and pain crises. Possible side effects include nausea, joint pain, back pain, and fever. Patient resources web site Downloadable patient brochure ​ Oxbryta The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new medicine in 2019 to treat sickle cell disease in adults and children 12 years and older. The oral medicine prevents red blood cells from forming the sickle shape and binding together. This may decrease the destruction of some red blood cells, which in turn lowers the risk for anemia and improves blood flow to your organs. Possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, and fever. Rarely, allergic reactions may occur, causing rashes, hives, or mild shortness of breath. Talk to your doctor about other medicines you take. Patient web site Caregiver tips Downloadable patient information leaflet Transfusions are often used in acute or preventive situations. Transfusions are administered to treat and prevent certain sickle cell disease complications. These transfusions may include: Acute transfusion to treat complications that cause severe anemia. Doctors may also use transfusions when a patient has an acute stroke, in many cases of acute chest crises, and in multi-organ failure. A patient who has sickle cell disease usually receives blood transfusions before surgery, to prevent complications. Red blood cell transfusions to increase the number of red blood cells and provide normal red blood cells that are more flexible than red blood cells with sickle hemoglobin. Regular or ongoing blood transfusions for people who have had an acute stroke, to reduce the chances of having another stroke. Doctors also recommend blood transfusions for children who have abnormal transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound results, because transfusions can reduce the chance of having a first stroke. ​ There are other treatments for specific complications. Be mindful that not all treatments work for everyone. Some people find success with alternative treatments as well, including medical marijuana (be knowledgeable about that may impact school, work and overall health). To stay as healthy as possible, patients should be sure to get regular medical care that includes a pediatrician (for children) or primary care physician (for adults) a hematologist and work with them to create the best individual care plan. Patients should also live a healthy lifestyle and avoid triggers that may cause a pain crisis. legalities and ​ ​ Page sources: NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,, Endari, Adakveo, Oxbryta ​

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    client feedback Volunteer Photo Release Client Feedback SCDAA-MI has been helping improve the lives of individuals with sickle cell for nearly half a century. How are we doing? We'd like to hear from you to help shape our work for the next 50 years. Use the form below to tell us how we've been able to help you, what we can do better, and to share your ideas for other services. Your voice matters! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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    2019 Sickle Cell Matters Walk Become a Sponsor Become a Vendor

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    get involved Together our tenacity and commitment have greatly brightened the future for sickle cell: comprehensive pediatric care has become a medical standard throughout most of the U.S., allowing patients to pursue college educations, take on dream careers, marry and welcome extended families. At the same time, many challenges remain: awareness among the adult medical community lags behind pediatric expertise at the expense of patient health. Sickle cell still bears the weight of stigma attached to systemic discrimination. While research is on the uptick, treatments are limited. There is no universal cure. ​ Your support matters in our quest for consciousness, equity, and a cure. Please join us today. DONATE The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America - Michigan Chapter thrives on the support of dedicated patients/clients, staff, volunteers, , and community partners funders, sponsors, donors . We've remained committed to our mission of improving the lives of people living with sickle cell disease for 48 years. . Give today ADVOCATE This is an exciting time for the sickle cell community as new treatments have recently become available and interest in research to find a cure has spiked. Yet, insurance hindrances, misplaced opioid restrictions, and ongoing systemic discrimination continue to block access to proper care and threaten the lives of patients. Raise your voice for sickle cell. VOLUNTEER There are always volunteer opportunities at SCDAA-MI for assistance at our annual Sickle Cell Matters Walk, encouraging an increased social media presence, office help, committees, and more. ​ Complete our to let us know you're interested, and we'll contact you when opportunities arise. volunteer form

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    our services Top of Page Newborn Screening Testing & Genetic Counseling Case Management Career Development Community Education Newborn Screening As of July 1987, every baby born in the state of Michigan is tested for sickle cell conditions by the Michigan Department of Community Health. This identification allows infants to receive lifesaving penicillin prophylaxis before the disease might be diagnosed from the occurrence of sickle cell disease symptoms. Newborn screening also enables families to receive early disease education and be aware of critical signs and symptoms that may require medical/lifesaving intervention. ​ When an infant is diagnosed with sickle cell trait, the agency provides information to the family about the significance of the condition and free testing for other family members if desired. Return to top of page SCDAA-MI also helps with: Obtaining the required confirmatory test Education and genetic counseling Penicillin management Access to appropriate medical care Testing & Genetic Counseling The function of the testing program is to determine whether a person is at risk for having a child with sickle cell disease. The non-directive counseling program provides detailed and accurate information about sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease for those identified as carriers. This will enable individuals and couples to make informed decisions that they believe are in their best interest regarding family planning. Return to top of page Walk-ins welcome M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. We are open until 7 p.m. on Thursday evenings for appointments. Case Management Services One of the major functions of the social work program is to assure that clients have access to adequate medical care. Our focus is to provide comprehensive client centered services which lead to empowerment and self-sufficiency. Community Health Workers/Patient Advocates provide public education, social work services and care coordination services to children and adults with sickle cell disease throughout Michigan at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and other local health institutions covering Lansing, Pontiac, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Flint, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Services also include trait follow-up and conducting an annual psychosocial assessment for families with appropriate follow-up. The services provided include: ​ Client advocacy Individual and family counseling Disease education Medical referrals Trait follow up Annual psychosocial assessment and follow up Navigating insurance Assistance finding primary care and specialty physicians Assistance with basic needs Return to top of page For assistance with the above matters, please contact your nearest office below or email : Metro Detroit (313) 864-4406 Jackson/Lansing Area: (517) 394-7397 Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 755-7752 Benton Harbor/ Kalamazoo Area: (269) 927-5629 Grand Rapids/ Muskegon Area: (616) 243-1868 Career Development The Career Development Program assists individuals with a sickle cell disease ages 14 and above to plan and achieve a career goal leading to satisfactory employment. We offer clients a six-stage career development course to aid in gainful and satisfactory employment. Other services provided include: Vocational Counseling and Testing Information about Financial Aid College Planning Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills Assistance with Summer Employment for ages 14-21 Job Replacement and Retention Assistance Summer Reading Enrichment Program for grades K-12 Referral Services Alternative work programs Disability and accommodations assistance for school (including college) and work Resources currently utilized are Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth Michigan Rehabilitation Service (MRS) and the Social Security Administration’s Work Incentive program. Return to top of page For career assistance, contact Jerica McBride at 313-864-4406, ext. 109, or email her at Community Education Our free experience provides a unique opportunity for our children to gain self-confidence and independence. It also helps parents overcome issues of over protectiveness which may occur when raising a child with a chronic illness. Children ages 8-17 are able to participate in activities including swimming, boating, horseback riding, crafts, archery and much more. summer camp ​ The Public Education Program is designed to increase awareness and educate the general public. Our goal is to provide meaningful and accurate information regarding all sickle cell conditions. The following services are available: Group Presentations Media Presentations Health Fair Displays Printed Material Workshops and training sessions ​ Return to top of page Keep up with our latest events . For additional information on services, email or call 313-864-4406 and walk-ins are welcome for blood tests to diagnose sickle cell trait and disease as well as genetic counseling. SCDAA-MI’s services are available throughout Michigan and span lifetime needs. Appointments are available ​ For more information: Call 313-864-4406 Email Contact our nearest satellite office: Jackson/Lansing Area: (517) 394-7397 Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 755-7752 Benton Harbor/Kalamazoo Area: (269) 927-5629 Grand Rapids/Muskegon Area: (616) 243-1868 ​

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