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    symptoms& complications Info You Should Know: Symptoms and Complications of Sickle Cell Disease (Although the language here is directed to parents, this list applies to both children and adults with sickle cell. When in doubt, please contact your medical provider or go to the hospital.) NIH NHLBI g uidelines for treating complications ​ ​ Anemia Your baby may have this condition if he/she lacks the number of healthy blood cells required to carry sufficient oxygen to the rest of the body. Some of the most common symptoms include paleness, low energy, breathing problems, and slower growth. ​ Treatment: The doctor will consider the severity of the symptoms to suggest a treatment plan, but they may rely on antibiotics and blood transfusion to treat the condition. ​ Acute Chest Syndrome It could be an extremely painful and serious situation because it restricts blood flow to the lungs. Some common signs and symptoms include chest pain, breathing problems, and fever. Treatment: The doctor may recommend treatment with blood transfusions, antibiotic medicine, pain medicine, and oxygen to help improve breathing. ​ Pain Pain is common and happens when sickled cells restrict blood flow. Pain can be anywhere in the body – it can be in organs and joints as well. The pain may continue for a few hours or extend to days and even weeks. It is important to give your child plenty of fluids, maintain temperature, and keep them from high altitudes to limit pain episodes. Treatment: Some of the most common treatment options include heating pads, prescription pain medicine, OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen, and hydroxyurea to help produce a specific type of hemoglobin. Extended pain requires hospitalization and narcotic medications. ​ Hand-Foot Syndrome A child may experience pain, coldness, or swelling in the feet and hands when the sickle cells affect the blood supply to these limbs. Treatment: The doctor may rely on certain pain-relieving medicine to treat the symptoms. Giving your child plenty of fluids may also help. ​ Splenic Crisis Sometimes, sickled cells accumulate in the spleen and clog it. This leads to swelling that prevents the spleen from filtering blood in the body. Specific signs include weakness, pain on the left side of the belly, and a rapid heart rate. Treatment: The usual treatment option is blood transfusion. The doctor may also consider removing the spleen iif splenic crisis becomes a regular issue. ​ Infection Your child may have to fight with several infections including the infection of the lining of the brain and lung infection. Signs and symptoms include breathing problems, fever, coughing, headaches, and pain in the bones. An oral temperature over 100.3 requires a trip to the emergency room to help prevent bacterial sepsis. Treatment: It is important to prevent an infection from happening by staying up to date on vaccinations. If your child gets an infection, your doctor may recommend some antibiotics to clear the infection. Taking antibiotics regularly may help prevent infections when your baby is between 2 months and 5 years of age. ​ Stroke Those altered red blood cells may restrict blood flow to the brain, which sometimes leads to a stroke. The most common symptoms include weakness on one side of the body, severe headache, and changes in speech, alertness, hearing, or vision. Treatment: Your child's healthcare provider will first notice these symptoms and then ask for an ultrasound, called Doppler ultrasound, to determine your child's risk for stroke. ​ Vision Loss Blindness and other vision problems may happen when these cells block blood supply to your child's eyes. Sometimes, the cells block the blood flow to a specific part of the brain that leads to vision loss. ​ Treatment: A regular eye exam with an ophthalmologist is necessary to avoid such issues, but your doctor may also recommend additional eye treatment to prevent further damage. ​ ​ More on major complications and their treatments from the CDC ​

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    get involved Together our tenacity and commitment have greatly brightened the future for sickle cell: comprehensive pediatric care has become a medical standard throughout most of the U.S., allowing patients to pursue college educations, take on dream careers, marry and welcome extended families. At the same time, many challenges remain: awareness among the adult medical community lags behind pediatric expertise at the expense of patient health. Sickle cell still bears the weight of stigma attached to systemic discrimination. While research is on the uptick, treatments are limited. There is no universal cure. ​ Your support matters in our quest for consciousness, equity, and a cure. Please join us today. DONATE The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America - Michigan Chapter thrives on the support of dedicated patients/clients, staff, volunteers, , and community partners funders, sponsors, donors . We've remained committed to our mission of improving the lives of people living with sickle cell disease for 48 years. . Give today ADVOCATE This is an exciting time for the sickle cell community as new treatments have recently become available and interest in research to find a cure has spiked. Yet, insurance hindrances, misplaced opioid restrictions, and ongoing systemic discrimination continue to block access to proper care and threaten the lives of patients. Raise your voice for sickle cell. VOLUNTEER There are always volunteer opportunities at SCDAA-MI for assistance at our annual Sickle Cell Matters Walk, encouraging an increased social media presence, office help, committees, and more. ​ Complete our to let us know you're interested, and we'll contact you when opportunities arise. volunteer form

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    Sickle Cell Disease Association of America - Michigan Chapter ​ 2019-2020 Board of Directors Chairperson Kym L. Worthy Prosecutor, Wayne County District 1st Vice Chair, Tracey Moorehead, Teacher, Southfield Public School , 2nd Vice Chair Amyre Makupson Retired News Anchor, WMYD Detroit Treasurer Ms. Cheryl L. Haskett, Finance Director & Consultant, YDB, Inc. Secretary Kathleen Neumann, Retired Regonal Director, Judson Center ​ Assistant Secretary Sharada Sarnaik, M.D., Director, Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic Children’s Hospital of Michigan Versetta Brown Eaddy Computer Lab Manager/Technical Support Professional Barbara Cushing, M.D. Retired Pediatric Hematologist, CHM LeWanda Gipson Deputy Director, Matrix Human Services ​ Deborah Smith-Pollard, Ph.D. Associate Professor, U of M Dearborn ​ Beverly Watkins Systems Administration, Toyota ​ our board

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    2019 Photo Gallery 2018 Photo Gallery photo galleries Awareness Campaign Launch 2020 event gallery World Sickle Cell Day - Friday, June 19th We asked you to #MaskUp4SickleCell and you did that! From across the country and around the globe Warriors and supporters showed up to share their stories, raise awareness, and push for action. Thank you! (Is your photo missing from our collection? to us!) Email it

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    Donate/Join/Fundraise Since the Walk is now virtual, registration is optional. You can turn your registration fee into a donation, join/create a team or become a fundraiser. Team Set Up Once you create a team, you'll get an email for page set up. We also have step-by-step instructions here to personalize your page. Sponsor Info Your company sponsorship heightens the visibility of your commitment to social responsibility. The return on investment benefits us all. Vendor/Exhibitor This year we're offering two vendor experiences: Both provide virtual promotion, one also offers limited sponsor benefits. Legacy Warriors Are you a sickle cell warrior who's 40 or older? We invite you to join our Legacy Salute! Sign up here by 9/5 to be included. Click here to join in the virtual walk program on Sept. 19th Our 2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk will still raise consciousness around the most common genetic disorder in the U.S. But this year it'll happen from wherever you are. More than just an awareness event, we join efforts to raise funds, promote the need for additional research, and combat medical inequities often faced by sickle cell patients. ​ We still need your support. ​​ Register, donate, sign up to fundraise, or start a team ! today How our virtual walk works Learn More Contests & Prizes Learn More Tribute to Fallen Warriors Learn More Salute to Legacy Warriors Learn More #WarriorsWipeItDown Challenge Learn More #SickleSlide Learn More Virtual Walk Day Agenda Join us Saturday, Sept. 19 on our Facebook page @sicklecellmichigan for a morning filled with celebration beginning at 10 a.m. (Lineup subject to change) ​ Welcome remarks #WarriorsWipeItDown & #SickleSlide Tribute to Fallen Warriors 2020 Graduation Virtual Open House Salute to Legacy Warriors Sponsor Showcase – GBT, Novartis, Medunik USA Vendor Slideshow Award presentations Let’s Move! Lead volunteers & key supporters Deborah Smith Pollard Honorary Walk Chair Deborah Smith Pollard , is co-host of "Sunday Morning Inspiration" on MIX 92.3 FM and Professor of English Literature at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Read More Dr. Ahmar Zaidi Honorary Walk Co-Chair is a Pediatric Oncologist/Hematologist, in the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, and nationally known SCD advocate. "Dr. Z," Ahma Zaidi Read More You Sponsors & Vendors helps take our walk from good to great and enables us to changes lives and create possibilities - especially in times like these. Your company Read More 2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk Sponsors Diamond Presenting Sponsor Silver Sponsors Copper Sponsor Pfizer Functional Fluidics Check our leaderboard frequently to see how your campaign is doing and what the competition is up to. For additional information, please contact the following SCDAA-MI staff for specific assistance or call (313) 864-4406: Registration or team setup - email Kristal Johnson Sponsorships - email Stefanie Worth Vendor Information - email Tracie Conic

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    Catch up on news and information from the SCDAA-MI E- newsletters Read the latest news SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWS September 2020 Special Edition Read web version ​ Download PDF World Sickle Cell Day Alert Read web version ​ Download PDF January 2020 (Winter) Read web version ​ Download PDF Summer 2020 (August) Read web version ​ Download PDF Spring 2020 (April) Read web version ​ Download PDF November 2019 Read web version ​ Download PDF

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    about us The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America - Michigan Chapter has been a leader in the sickle cell community since 1971. We are committed to improving the lives of people with sickle cell by keeping our mission at the center of everything we do. ​ OUR HISTORY SICKLE CELL CENTER Our success all started with the vision of Dr. Charles F. Whitten. His daughter Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney continues the work. Read More > OUR IMPACT EVERYBODY COUNTS Numbers, numbers, numbers. But here at SCDAA-MI, every statistic represents a real person we fight for every day. Read More > OUR BOARD LEADERSHIP MATTERS Our board members provide mission and operational oversight with passion, dedication, and expertise. Read More > OUR STAFF 200 YEARS The SCDAA-MI staff brings more than 200 years of experience to its mission of changing the world of sickle cell. Read More >

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    campaign awareness launch 2020 Photo Gallery 2019 Photo Gallery 2018 Photo Gallery

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    contact us Volunteer Photo Release Client Feedback ​ WE'RE NOW WORKING REMOTELY TO HELP PROTECT OUR COMMUNITY. PLEASE CALL FOR ASSISTANCE. THANK YOU! If you need assistance, have questions, or would like to partner in SCDAA-MI's work,our staff will be happy to help. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome for sickle cell disease and trait testing. We also offer non-directed genetic counseling. Contact Us First Name Last Name Email Phone Type your message here... Thanks for reaching out! Submit Email: Detroit/SE Mich: 313-864-4406 or 800-842-0973 Children's Hospital SC Clinic: 313-745-5613 Sickle Cell Trait Counseling: 313-451-0014 School/Job Assistance: 734-494-2119 ​ Our address: 18516 James Couzens Fwy Detroit, MI 48235 ​ ​ Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mondays - Wednesdays, and Fridays 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Thursdays ​ You can also contact our nearest satellite office: Adult Clinic Caseworker at DMC : (313) 864-4406 Benton Harbor/Kalamazoo Area: (313) 505-4081 Grand Rapids/Muskegon Area: (616) 426-9259 Jackson/Lansing Area: (800) 842-0973 Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 372-0256 Photo/Video Release The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America - Michigan Chapter, Inc. frequently takes photos and video at its events and activities and ask that participants sign a waiver allowing the use of their likeness in publications, our web site, social media sites, and other public forms. You will only need to complete this form once. If at any time you wish to revoke use of your likeness in the future, you must do so in writing. Children under 18 require consent from a parent or guardian. Please contact us with questions. Thank you! ​ Download release form . Please complete and return to here

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    2020 Sickle Sabbath Any Sunday Right click on the image above to download a photo you can use on your social media pages. Sickle cell disease can affect anyone of any nationality or ethnicity. ​ We welcome all faiths to join us in educating their members about the prevalence of sickle cell disease, how it's inherited, and why it all starts with being certain about your sickle cell trait status. Support us any time of the year! Right click on the image above to download a you can pdf flyer share with your congregation. Right click on the image above to download a you can pdf fact sheet share with your congregation. Right click on the image above to download a . Please complete and return this form to our office after your service pdf participation form . If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at or call 313-864-4406. Thank you to the congregations that supported Sickle Sabbath as part of our 2020 World Sickle Cell Day celebration ! If you have not submitted your participation form, please download and return your information today so we can say thank you! June 20-21, 2020 World Sickle Cell Day Sickle Sabbath Participation Form

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