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    Thank you to Global Blood Therapeutics and the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America for helping us help Michigan individuals with sickle cell during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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    Please make your selection below: Please make your selection below: Please make your selection below: Please make your selection below: Exhibitor Experience - $125 Vendor Experience - $50 Clicking the Buy Now button will take you to PayPal to make your payment. You can use your existing PayPal account or simply use a credit or debit card without an account. You will receive a payment receipt from PayPal. We will send confirmation of your reservation to the email address provided. Thank you for your support!

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    2020 Vendor & Exhibitor Form Donate/Join/Fundraise Since the Walk is now virtual, registration is optional. You can turn your registration fee into a donation, join/create a team or become a fundraiser. Team Set Up Once you create a team, you'll get an email for page set up. We also have step-by-step instructions here to personalize your page. Sponsor Info Your company sponsorship heightens the visibility of your commitment to social responsibility. The return on investment benefits us all. Vendor/Exhibitor This year we're offering two vendor experiences: Both provide virtual promotion, one also offers limited sponsor benefits. Legacy Warriors Are you a sickle cell warrior who's 40 or older? We invite you to join our Legacy Salute! Sign up here by 9/5 to be included. Vendor and Exhibitor reservations are accepted on a first come-first served basis. Check or money order reservations must be mailed to be received by our office no later than September 10, 2020. Online reservations using a bank account or credit card can be made on this page up until September 15, 2020. Please make your display selection: $100 - Vendor $500 - Exhibitor Vendor & Exhibitor Form Your support helps us change lives! Company/Organization Contact Name Address City, State Zip Code Email Address Phone Web Site URL and company/product description Service area (check all that apply) Health & Wellness Financial Education Retail Youth Development Beauty & Fashion Other Please indicate your display choice: Exhibitor experience - $125 Vendor experience - $50 Nonprofit supporter - $0 For nonprofit orders, please see instructions. SUBMIT YOUR ORDER Clicking submit will take you to the payment page. Exhibitor: $125 Virtual recognition to promote your business or organization: (1) pre- and (1) post-event social media mention; inclusion in our day-of online vendor presentation with business description and link included in Facebook post; listing on our web site’s Walk sponsor page; (1) business card ad on our web site's "classified" page; (1) business card ad in our fall e-newsletter. ​ Vendor: $50 Virtual recognition to promote your business or organization: inclusion in our day-of online vendor presentation, name listing on our web site's "classified" page; (1) business card ad in our fall e-newsletter. Nonprofit: FREE Virtual recognition to promote your business or organization: name listing on our web site's "classified" page; (1) business card ad in our fall e-newsletter. You must complete your reservation manually and mail (see address below) or email along with a copy of your 501(c)3 IRS Determination Letter. ​ Please note the following: ​ Check or money order reservations must be received in our office by September 10, 2020. ​ Make check or money order payable to SCDAA-MI. Mail to: SCDAA-Michigan, ATTN: Tracie Conic - Walk Vendor, 18516 James Couzens Fwy, Detroit, MI 48235 ​ Online reservations using a bank account or credit card can be made through this page up until September 15, 2020. ​ Questions? Please email Tracie Conic or call (313) 864-4406. Thank you for your support!

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    Support #GIVINGTUESDAYNOW! Register for Walk!

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    sickle cell conditions SCROLL Sickle cell disease is the most common heritable blood disorder in the U.S. It affects 100,00 people, most of them living healthier and longer lives than would've been possible one or two generations ago. The disease is chronic, complex and challenging. But at the SCDAA-MI, we are resilient and resourceful - committed to improving lives. We're here to win. DISEASE & TRAIT What & How Learn about the history, transmission and variability of sickle cell disease, and what we're discovering about trait. Read More PATIENT SUPPORT Find Answers You have questions, we're here to help you get answers. Cut through the internet chatter with credible tips, tools and insights. Read More TREATMENTS Is there a cure? A universal cure isn't here yet, but there are disease-altering treatments for children & adults that you should know about. Read More SAFE(R) Stay SAFER in the ER Learn more about our SAFE(R) initiative and the evidence-based guidelines in place for emergency sickle cell care. Read More

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    Sickle cell is a complex biopsychosocial condition affecting every blood vessel, organ, and system in the body. While its severity impacts each individual uniquely, sickle cell’s most common visible presentation is excruciating, unpredictable pain. However, the condition’s less visible complications of continual hemolytic anemia and vascular and organ damage are silent, but life-shortening, ramifications suffered by every individual with sickle cell. Close

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    patient support SAFER Initiative NIH Guidelines & Opioids Patient Rights Tools and Tips Hematologist Search More Online Resources We want to make it simpler to find credible, useful information that helps make it a little easier to live with sickle cell. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. There's a lot of great info here, including the CDC's guidance on opioids for sickle cell, your rights as a patient, guidelines to help your doctors with your care, and more. HEALTH ALERT FROM THE SICKLE CELL DISEASE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA PATIENT INFO RETURNING TO WORK PROVIDER INFO Have you tested positive for COVID-19? Or do you have a cough with a fever? MICHIGAN WARRIORS ONLY PLEASE: You can contact your Primary Care Physician or proceed to the nearest emergency room in your area. Please respect the docs' time and dedication and only reach out to them if you’re diagnosed with Coronavirus or have a cough + fever. ​ We appreciate them being available to the community this way! We're working to keep you SAFE(R)! Headed to the emergency room/department (ED)? Take this! Be sure to keep our SAFE(R) card on hand. It directs physicians/medical personnel to a sickle cell acute care site made just for them - putting all the current clinical practice guidelines at their fingertips in one place. No need to search the internet: PDF documents and source links are all included. So before you go, click the image to access a printable version. No time to print? Pull up the page on your phone ( and take a screen shot. When you arrive, present it at the registration desk and note the time. Present another copy at triage. Again note the time. If you're too sick, remember that you have the right to take someone with you to act as your advocate. Let the hospital staff know that's what they're there for. ​ We realize not everyone is familiar with the proper treatment for sickle cell. This can help you receive SAFE(R) care. Be sure to take the SAFER ER survey after each ER visit to let us know about your treatment and care. Contact us with q uestions or feedback. A tip from Twitter: Be sure to document your ED provider's name and course of treatment for future reference. Do the same if you're admitted. When someone takes good care of you, shout out a thank you on IG, Twitter or Facebook and tag #scdaami #sicklecell and the hospital. Let's be heard! BACK TO THE TOP NIH - HEALTH MAINTENANCE FOR SCD Click the image for a PDF of the NIH guidelines and recommendations for the health maintenance of people with sickle cell. (Approx. 40 pages) Read and provide a copy to your primary care physician. Click the yellow button to go directly to the full NIH document. Source: National Institutes of Health NHLBI CDC OPIOID CLARIFICATION FOR SCD The CDC clarified its opioid guideline in a letter to ASH stating it was not intended to manage SCD. The CDC refers providers to NIH NHLBI guidelines for care. Click the image for that letter or the yellow button for CDC statement on guideline misapplication. Source: American Society of Hematology NIH - TREATMENT GUIDES FOR SCD Click the image for a PDF of the full NIH clinical practice guidelines for the management of sickle cell disease (161 pages). Click the yellow button for a PDF of the NIH's (National Institutes of Health) 48-page quick guide to those practice guidelines. Source: National Institutes of Health NHLBI BACK TO THE TOP Know Your Rights - The Joint Commission As a patient, you do have rights and a role regarding your treatment and care. This brochure has questions and answers to help you learn about your rights and role as a patient. Knowing your rights and role can help you make better decisions about your care. (Image links to brochure) Source: The Joint Commission Speak Up For Your Rights - The Joint Commission As a patient, you have the right to be informed about and make decisions regarding your care. You also have the right to care that is free from discrimination, as well as the right to have a patient advocate. Learn about the different rights you have as a patient. (Image links to short video) Source: The Joint Commission Ask Your Advocate to Speak Up - The Joint Commission As a patient, you have a right to have a patient advocate - a friend, family member, or whoever you designate. Your advocate can be a partner in your care, helping you through every step of your treatment. Watch this video and ask your advocate to Speak Up™! (Image links to short video) Source: The Joint Commission BACK TO THE TOP PASSPORT TO HEALTH TOOLKIT Dr. Wanda Whitten-Shurney's Passport to Health Toolkit is a great source of information for maintaining your health. (Join us for an educational program to receive the backpack that goes with it. *While supplies last!) Source: Dr. Wanda Shurney TIPS FOR TRIPS TO ER Emergency room visits are a frequent course of action for people with sickle cell. The CDC provides this handout with suggestions for talking with physicians and navigating the experience. Source: Centers for Disease Control CLINICAL TRIALS Research into sickle cell treatments is at an all-time high. New possibilities move through a series of studies and approvals that include clinical trials. Interested in participating? Here's a list of current NIH-funded trials. Source: National Institutes of Health BACK TO THE TOP SICKLE CELL FACTS & FIGURES The American Society of Hematology (ASH) provides this clear and thorough handout with facts and figures to help educate yourself and others about the biology and impact of sickle cell disease. Source: American Society of Hematology SICKLE CELL GLOSSARY A diagnosis of sickle cell comes with its own language. If you're newly-diagnosed, the words can be overwhelming. This glossary will serve as both an introduction and a refresher for those who need it. Source: Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services UNDERSTANDING MEDICAL SPEAK Have you encountered unfamiliar terms used in your medical care? If so, you're not alone. Here you'l find definitions in every day language to help you better understand your condition. Source: Medical Library Association BACK TO THE TOP Looking for a hematologist? Try this zip code-based search . (We do not endorse the physicians listed. Use proper care in researching their expertise.) You can also contact our office for suggestions provided by existing patients/clients. Other informational resources

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