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Sickle cell disease is the most common heritable blood disorder in the U.S. It affects 100,00 people, most of them living healthier and longer lives than would've been possible one or two generations ago. The disease is chronic, complex and challenging. But at the SCDAA-MI, we are resilient and resourceful - committed to improving lives. We're here to win. 

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    What & How

    Learn about the history, transmission and variability of sickle cell disease, and what we're discovering about trait.

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    Find Answers

    You have questions, we're here to help you get answers. Cut through the internet chatter with credible tips, tools and insights.

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    Is there a cure?

    A universal cure isn't here yet, but there are disease-altering treatments for children & adults that you should know about.

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    Stay SAFER in the ER

    Learn more about our SAFE(R) initiative and the evidence-based guidelines in place for emergency sickle cell care.

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