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For more information:

Detroit Main Line: (313) 864-4406

Children's Hospital SC Clinic: (313) 745-5613

Sickle Cell Trait Counseling: (313) 595-0280

School/Job Assistance: (313) 595-0541

Email info@scdaami.org

Contact our nearest satellite office:

Adult Clinic Caseworker at DMC :(313) 864-4406

Benton Harbor/Kalamazoo Area: (313) 505-4081

Grand Rapids/Muskegon Area: (616) 788-9816

Jackson/Lansing Area: (800) 842-0973

Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 372-0256

SCDAA-MI provides a range of services to individuals with sickle cell and their families. This includes counseling, support groups, referrals for financial and medical help, college and employment assistance, sending children to summer camp each year. The agency also coordinates newborn screening for all babies born in Michigan. 


Services We Provide

Do you have medical insurance, primary care, a hematologist? Do you need accommodations at school/work? Let us help you manage your life with sickle cell.

Community Connections

We've compiled a handy list of helpful partner resources you can use to help meet basic and emergency needs for yourself and/or your family.

What You Should Know

Individuals with sickle cell run a higher risk of complications if they contract COVID-19. Get SCD-specific info and guidelines to help stay safe. 

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