• In some people the red blood cells can take on the shape of a farmer’s sickle.


  • If you are born with this gene from one parent you have SICKLE CELL TRAIT.


  • If you are born with this gene from both parents you have SICKLE CELL DISEASE.


  • A person with sickle cell DISEASE has sickle cells in the blood stream which can cause health problems Such as pain, infection and anemia.


  • A person with sickle cell TRAIT does not have sickle cells in the blood stream and does not have a disease.  They are considered to be a “carrier”.


  • Sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease also occur in people whose ancestors come from Africa, South America, Central America, India, Turkey and the Mediterranean area.


  • If both parents have sickle cell TRAIT each time a child is born there is a 25% (1 in 4) chance the child will have sickle cell DISEASE.


  • There are 2 other fairly common traits that can also result in having a child with sickle cell disease:

                              Hemoglobin C Trait

                              Thalassemia Trait

  • Since you do not get sick from any of these traits you may have one of them and not know it.


  • People of childbearing age should know if they have any of these traits so that they can make informed decision regarding family planning




For more information contact the Sickle Cell Disease Assoc. of America, Michigan Chapter at (800) 842-0973



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