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We have a variety of ways you can help us at SCDAA-MI – even during COVID.


  • Social Media Ambassador – Like, share, re-post and re-tweet from our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to help generate awareness of our work. Help us find and reach out to supporters in groups and on related pages and accounts.

  • Educational sessions - Create lists of current topics and potential speakers, and helping us build our audiences.

  • Advocacy – Reach out to elected officials online and on social media about policy actions effecting the sickle cell community

  • Interested in something else? Let’s work together to find something that fits your commitment and schedule.

Just complete the volunteer form to let us know what you're interested in and when you're available. 

We appreciate everything you do for our cause!

Phone: (313) 864-4406

Toll free: (800) 842-0973

Fax: (313) 864-9980

Volunteer Application Form

Help us make a difference!

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