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Case Management
Career Development
Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening

As of July 1987, every baby born in the state of Michigan is tested for sickle cell conditions by the Michigan Department of Community Health. This identification allows infants to receive lifesaving penicillin prophylaxis before the disease might be diagnosed from the occurrence of sickle cell disease symptoms. Newborn screening also enables families to receive early disease education and be aware of critical signs and symptoms that may require medical/lifesaving intervention.

When an infant is diagnosed with sickle cell trait, the agency provides information to the family about the significance of the condition and free testing for other family members if desired.

  • SCDAA-MI also helps with:

  • Obtaining the required confirmatory test

  • Education and genetic counseling

  • Penicillin management

  • Access to appropriate medical care

Testing & Genetic Counseling

The function of the testing program is to determine whether a person is at risk for having a child with sickle cell disease. The non-directive counseling program provides detailed and accurate information about sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease for those identified as carriers. This will enable individuals and couples to make informed decisions that they believe are in their best interest regarding family planning.

  • Offices is closed to the public due to Covid.

  • Remote Hours
    M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Case Management Services

One of the major functions of the social work program is to assure that clients have access to adequate medical care. Our focus is to provide comprehensive client centered services which lead to empowerment and self-sufficiency. 


Community Health Workers/Patient Advocates provide public education, social work services and care coordination services to children and adults with sickle cell disease throughout Michigan at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and other local health institutions covering Lansing, Pontiac, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Flint, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids and Muskegon.  Services also include trait follow-up and conducting an annual psychosocial assessment for families with appropriate follow-up.


The services provided include:

  • Client advocacy

  • Individual and family counseling

  • Disease education

  • Medical referrals

  • Trait follow up

  • Annual psychosocial assessment and follow up

  • Navigating insurance

  • Assistance finding primary care and specialty physicians

  • Assistance with basic needs

  • For assistance with the above matters, please contact your nearest office below or email

  • Metro Detroit
    (313) 864-4406

  • Jackson/Lansing Area: (517) 394-7397

  • Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 755-7752

  • Benton Harbor/ Kalamazoo Area: 
    (269) 927-5629

  • Grand Rapids/ Muskegon Area:
    (616) 243-1868

Career Development

The Career Development Program assists individuals with a sickle cell disease ages 14 and above to plan and achieve a career goal leading to satisfactory employment.    We offer clients a six-stage career development course to aid in gainful and satisfactory employment.  Other services provided include:

  • Vocational Counseling and Testing

  • Information about Financial Aid

  • College Planning

  • Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills

  • Assistance with Summer Employment for ages 14-21

  • Job Replacement and Retention Assistance

  • Summer Reading Enrichment Program for grades K-12

  • Referral Services

  • Alternative work programs

  • Disability and accommodations assistance for school (including college) and work

Resources currently utilized are Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth Michigan Rehabilitation Service (MRS) and the Social Security Administration’s Work Incentive program.

For career assistance, contact Jerica McBride at 313-864-4406, ext. 109, or email her at

Community Education

Our free summer camp experience provides a unique opportunity for our children to gain self-confidence and independence.  It also helps parents overcome issues of over protectiveness which may occur when raising a child with a chronic illness.  Children ages 8-17 are able to participate in activities including swimming, boating, horseback riding, crafts, archery and much more.

  • The Public Education Program is designed to increase awareness and educate the general public. Our goal is to provide meaningful and accurate information regarding all sickle cell conditions. The following services are available:

  • Group Presentations

  • Media Presentations

  • Health Fair Displays

  • Printed Material

  • Workshops and training sessions

Keep up with our latest events. For additional information on services, email or call 313-864-4406

Testing & Genetic Counseling
Community Education

SCDAA-MI’s services are available throughout Michigan and span lifetime needs. 

For more information:

Call 313-864-4406


Contact our nearest satellite office:

  • Jackson/Lansing Area: (517) 394-7397

  • Saginaw/Flint Area: (989) 755-7752

  • Benton Harbor/Kalamazoo Area: (269) 927-5629

  • Grand Rapids/Muskegon Area: (616) 243-1868

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