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Your voice matters in the election process. The representatives we choose make decisions that affect access to healthcare, regional transportation, insurance laws, disability protections, prescription pricing and more. Join us as we speak out on behalf of individuals living with sickle cell and the legislation that affects them.


To be eligible to vote in Michigan, you must be:

  • A Michigan resident (at the time you register) and a resident of your city or township for at least 30 days (when you vote)

  • A United States citizen

  • At least 18 years of age (when you vote)

  • Not currently serving a sentence in jail or prison

Learn more about voting in Michigan here.

Check your voter registration status here.

Register online here


Absentee voting

“Due to the constitutional amendment passed by voters in 2018, all eligible and registered voters in Michigan may request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason. They can visit their local clerk’s office for an absent voter ballot application or download one at

Michigan ballot drop locations

You can take your absentee ballot to the drop box in your jurisdiction and track your ballot through the election process. 

advocacy &legislation

Current issues we’re working on include:

  • Securing coverage for new sickle cell treatments (We'll keep you posted!)





You can click here and enter your address to find your local, state and federal elected officials along with their names and contact information.


Use the map to see Michigan's legislative districts

legislative district map.png
Supporters 06182020.JPG
World Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Day in Michigan - June 19, 2020

2020 World Sickle Cell Day received legislative support this year as Rep. Ronnie Peterson introduced House Resolution #280 declaring June 19, 2020 as World Sickle Cell Awareness Day in Michigan.


Rep. Peterson also introduced a bill to create a sickle cell license plate for Michigan. The bill received outstanding bi-partisan support.

We are deeply grateful for these actions from our elected officials and the members of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus who were able to join us at the capital. #BlackPatientLivesMatter

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