Newborn Screening

Mandatory screening has been adopted because it enables children to be identified to receive lifesaving penicillin prophylaxis before the disease might be diagnosed from the occurrence of sickle cell disease symptoms.  An additional benefit of newborn screening is that it provides an opportunity for early education of families.  This enables parents to identify critical signs and symptoms that may require medical/lifesaving intervention.

Youth Development

Project Enrich

 Students receive:

  • Tutoring (2) times per week.  Eight of our tutors are individuals living with sickle cell disease who serve as excellent role models for our students

  • Van transportation to and from center when required

  • Music Therapy

  • Yoga/Meditation & Tai Chi Instruction

  • Healthy meal/Nutritional education

  • Homework helpers pick up and deliver homework assignments to all children hospitalized at Children’s Hospital of Michigan who request assistance

Summer & Day Camp


Our free summer camp experience provides a unique opportunity for our children to gain self-confidence and independence.  It also helps parents overcome issues of over protectiveness which may occur when raising a child with a chronic illness. 


Family Support Services

Career Development

 The Career Development Program assists individuals with a sickle cell disease ages 14 and above to plan and achieve a career goal leading to satisfactory employment.    Through guidance and counseling, clients undertake a six stage career development process. The services provided include:  vocational counseling and testing, college planning, assistance with enrollment in vocational and training programs, information about financial aid, employability and interview skills training, referral services and Alternative Work Programs.  Resources currently utilized are Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth Michigan Rehabilitation Service (MRS) and the Social Security Administration’s Work Incentive program.


Parent Support Group


Community Health Workers/Patient Advocates

Provide public education, social work services and care coordination services to children and adults with sickle cell disease throughout the State of Michigan through the psychologist and social worker at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and other local health institutions covering Lansing, Pontiac, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Flint, Saginaw, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Rapids and Muskegon.  Services also include trait follow-up and conducting an annual psychosocial assessment for families with appropriate follow-up.

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