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  • Newborn screening

  • Testing and genetic counseling

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Covid-19 information

What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

Prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease

How Do You Inherit Sickle Cell Disease?

Explore More In-Depth Information

  • American Society of Hematology

  • Centers for Disease Control

  • National Institutes of Health

The Problem with Sickled Cells (video)

A Century of Progress

A History of Sickle Cell


Sickle Cell Trait

  • Sickle Cell Trait Facts

  • Know Your Trait Status

  • Sickle cell trait info from the CDC

  • NCAA Fact Sheet for Student Athletes

  • Testing for sickle cell trait and disease

Symptoms and Complications

  • Anemia

  • Acute Chest Syndrome

  • Pain

  • Hand-Foot Syndrome

  • Splenic Crisis

  • Infection

  • Stroke

  • Vision Loss

  • More info from the CDC

Feb. 29, 2020 treatment workshop videos

Bone marrow and stem cell transplants


  • Penicillin

  • Hydroxyurea

  • Endari   

  • Adakveo

  • Oxbryta


News & Multimedia

  • SCDAA-MI Out and About

  • News From Around the Community

  • Patient & caregiver-focused videos

  • Provider-focused sickle cell videos

Press Releases


News archive

Section 1

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Info & Resources

  • SCDAA sickle cell/COVID-19 guidelines

    • Patient

    • Provider

  • SCD COVID Registry

  • Contact info for Drs. Ahmar Zaidi and Michael Callaghan

  • Assistance navigating resources


Section 2


Section 3

  • Cheat Codes: Emergency Sickle Cell COVID-19 Podcast

  • How to get tested for COVID-19

  • COVID-19 symptoms


Section 4

  • Information from Michigan health departments

  • What you need to know about handwashing

  • Statewide resources and information flyer

  • City of Detroit Water Restart Plan

  • Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

We’re working to keep you SAFER


NIH health maintenance for sickle cell

CDC opioid clarification for sickle cell disease

NIH treatment guidelines for sickle cell disease


Know Your Rights – The Joint Commission

Speak Up For Your Rights – The Joint Commission

Ask Your Advocate to Speak Up – The Joint Commission


Passport to Health Toolkit

Tips for trips to ER

Clinical trials


Sickle cell facts and figures

Sickle cell glossary

Understanding medical speak


Looking for a hematologist?


Other informational resources

  • One SCD Voice

  • Cheat Codes Podcast

  • Living with SCD Self-Care Toolkit

  • Get Connected Patient Powered Registry

  • The Sickle Cell Podcast

  • Generation S


  • Ways 2 Give

  • Why donate?

    • Donate online

    • Host a Facebook fundraiser

    • Amazon

    •  Text to Give

    • Kroger community rewards

    • Check or money order

  • Corporate partnerships

    • 2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk     

    • 2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk Host Committee

  • Our Donors



  • 2020 Census information              

  • Current and recent issues we’re working on

  • Advocacy training            

  • Are you ready to vote? Michigan voter information

  • Our advocacy partners

  • Do you know who represents you? Find your representative.



SCDAA sickle cell/COVID-19 provider guidelines

SCD COVID Registry



SAFE(R) card and accompanying NIH guidelines

NIH and AHRQ ER triage guidelines

NIH Sickle Cell Pain Algorithm

How to conduct a sickle cell assessment (6 min video)

High ER utilization and perceptions of addiction/drug-seeking behavior (3 min video)

About the SAFE(R) Initiative

CDC clarification on opioids for sickle cell disease


NIH Guidelines


ASH pocket guides for acute and non-acute care management

  • Management of acute complications of sickle cell

  • All pocket guides

    • Cardiopulmonary and kidney disease

    • Health maintenance and management of chronic complications

    • Hydroxyurea and transfusion therapy


About SAFE(R)

  • SAFE(R) card

  • How to partner

  • Provider and patient anecdotes

  • CDC opioid guidance for sickle cell

  • HHS Asst. Sec’y for health comment

  • Office of Minority Health statistic


SCD Education

Resources for provider education

  • Improving Emergency Department-Based Care of Sickle Cell Pain

  • American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Resources

  • Acute and Emergency Department Assessment and Treatment

  • Sickle Cell is More Than Pain: Managing Complications

  • Helpful Contextual Videos About Sickle Cell Disease

  • Ongoing Educational Opportunities

Event Calendar

2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk

Warrior Stroll

Salute to Legacy Warriors

Virtual Summit

Leadership and Key Volunteers

Who to contact


2019 Event Gallery

  • Cynthia Coles Circle Luncheon, May 18

  • World Sickle Cell Day, June 19

  • Sickle Strong Empowerment Circle Balloon Launch, June 19

2019 Sickle Cell Matters Walk


2018 Gallery

  • 2018 Sickle CELLabration

  • World Sickle Cell Day 2018

  • 2018 Sickle Cell Matters Awareness Walk

  • 2018 Cynthia Coles Circle Benefit Luncheon

Campaign Awareness Launch

Phone numbers to reach our patient advocate and social work staff throughout the state of Michigan.

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