2020 Sickle Cell Matters Walk

How to Set Up Your Walk Team

The annual Sickle Cell Matters Walk brings us new friends and new donors every year. But, we rely on our current supporters to get the word out and introduce our work to others. This year we’ve set targets of 10 major sponsors, 100 teams and 1,000 attendees to help us reach our fundraising goal of $100,000. Here’s how you can help us get there.

STEP 1 - Register for Walk

  • Click register and follow the self-guided instructions to select your tickets (16 & over ($20), child ($10), and young child (free), each with an additional $1 museum ticket option). You can also sign up for the Warrior Stroll and Salute to Legacy Warriors (both free).


  • Enter your buyer and payment info. You’ll be offered the options to fundraise as a team, fundraise as an individual, or continue without fundraising.

    • If you select fundraise as an individual, you’ll need to enter a campaign name and your goal.

    • If you select fundraise as a team, you can choose to join or create team:

      • Join gives you a list of teams you can choose from.

      • To create a team, you need to enter a campaign name (your team name) and your goal.


  • You’ll then be guided to finalize your purchase. This will complete your registration as a Walk participant and team fundraiser.

Web site registration.png

STEP 2 - Customize Your Team Campaign

  • You’ll receive email receipts for your payment from PayPal Giving Fund and GoFundMe Charity.

  • You’ll receive a separate email from GoFundMe Charity confirming your team set up.

    • To manage your team, you’ll need to click the Manage Campaign button in the email, which takes you to the GoFundMe Charity web page.

      • Sign up for an account using the email you registered with.

      • You’ll then be able to see the campaign – team – you started.

  • Now you can customize your team page and invite others to join your fundraiser as team members.

    • Add photos and videos, personalize your team’s story, and send customized update emails to your team.

manage campaign.jpg

STEP 3 - Start Fundraising

You’ve set your goal, now how to you reach it? Exceed it?

  • Do you work for a company that sponsors events or activities? Offer them the opportunity to support your team or sponsor the Walk.

  • Invite your friends, family members, social groups, clubs, parents of your child’s friends, co-workers, etc., to join your effort.

  • Do you have a skill you can put to work to help raise money? Something you can do virtually while we’re staying home and staying safe? Hustle lessons, tutoring, voice or music instruction, baking (customers can pay you with CashApp or PayPal and pick up items from your porch when they go out grocery shopping or vice versa).

Get the Word Out.jpg
  • Map out your participant strategy. For a $500 team goal, you could target 35 people at $15 each, 25 people at $20 each; 20 people at $25 each; 15 people at $35; 10 people at $50, 5 $100 donors, or one very generous $500 supporter. More than likely, your team will use a variety of donor amounts to reach its goal.

  • Invite five people to (1) each donate $20 and (2) each invite another five people who’ll donate $20, and so on.

  • Hold a shoe size fundraiser: Email friends and family members to donate the amount of their shoe size to join your team. (If you wear a 10, you donate $10, etc.)

  • Use the built-in links to promote your team's campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Check our leaderboard frequently to see how your campaign is doing and what the competition is up to. For additional information, please contact the following SCDAA-MI staff for specific assistance or call (313) 864-4406:

Registration, team setup or technical issues - email Kristal Johnson

Sponsorships - email Stefanie Worth

Vendor Information - email Tracie Conic

Warrior Stroll & Legacy Salute - email Michelle Greenlee

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